Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New York World's Fair:'The World of Tomorrow'


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New York World's Fair, 1939
In late April 1939, the New York World’s Fair opened, presenting, ‘The World of Tomorrow’. The 1939 Fair perfectly demonstrates James Truslow Adam’s dream of ‘a better, richer and happier life,’ as it celebrated the ‘technological innovation and advances in science and medicine.’ In addition to this, the Fair was planned to be an ‘Everyman’s Fair’, demonstrating an improvement ‘of all the factors contributing to human welfare.’ Due to the Great Depression in 1929, the later years faced an economic crisis. However, through Adam’s defining the American Dream and other such things as the New York World’s Fair, many citizens were given a glimmer of hope that a better future awaited for them and that America would help them to attain it. This highlights Adam’s and Cullen's American Dream, in which every citizen has a chance to contribute and thrive.Both sources demonstrate how the American Dream can be achieved through progression.

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