Sunday, 31 January 2016

Presentation- Attitudes towards American Indians in Little House on the Prairie

Chapter 23- Indian War Cry

Analysis of the family's reaction to war cry and the large gathering of Indians and Charles Ingalls reaction to Soldat du Chene

Beginning of chapter:
Family tense about the Indians

The war cry:
Terrifies family- feel safe once the Natives leave

Osage people:
Appearance of the Osage people
How would Laura know these details when writing the book?

Amy Fatzinger's PhD dissertation piece: "Indians in the House": Revisiting American Indians in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House Books:
Amy Fatzingers PhD dissertation piece
Reasoning for Laura's view on the Osage people
How the narrative progresses throughout the book

Pa and Soldat du Chene "Oak Soldier" (as stated by Fatzinger):
Surprising for the family- Indians willing to help them
Peaceful and friendly relations between natives and settlers
Pa's closing statement

Conclusion and closing questions for the group to discuss

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