Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Apache Tribe
Apache Indians today are found in Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico. The website I have chosen gives a detailed insight into the culture and history of the Apache tribes and the different aspects of their lives today and in history. It gives information on the religious life of the individuals and the rituals involved.    
The Apache were a group of culturally related tribes in the South Western area of America in states such a New Mexico, Eastern Arizona, Southern Colorado and West Texas. The Apache tribes appear to be incredibly courageous and cunning, defending their territory to the very end. The name ‘Apache’ means ‘enemy’, the people of the tribe were extremely aggressive towards the invading settlers. Apache men acquired simple weapons but they were ferocious hunters, they hunted buffalo on the Great Plains as well as deer in the mountains. As with most Native American tribes their religious belief was centred on the surrounding nature and also the supernatural.
Apache tribes were at war with US troops and also Mexican troops. At first the war was between Mexican soldiers and the tribes but in 1846 the US went to war with Mexico. At first the Apache tribes promised American troops a safe passage through the mountains and the harsh landscape as they saw America as an ally that would rid the Mexicans off their land. Mangas Coloradas who was the principal chief and war leader signed a peace treaty with America after the US claimed land from Mexico. As a result there was an influx of gold miners in the Santa Rita Mountains. During the 1850s there were growing tensions between these miners and the Apache tribes. The peace treaty was abandoned and the tribes were involved in another conflict with superior forces.

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