Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Hopi Tribe


The Hopi tribe are located primarily in northeastern Arizona and according to the 2010 census there was an estimate of 18,327 Hopi's in America. They were once referred to as pueblo people in the 16thc when they first encountered the Spanish and this is because they lived in villages, "pueblos" in Spanish. 

The name 'Hopi' is a shortened version of their name " Hopituh Shi-nu" meaning"peaceful people". The term Hopi also stems from their religion, spirituality and ethics. They have always viewed land as being sacred with agriculture being a key part of their culture. The Hopi and the Navajo have experienced much land disputes as from the 1940's to the 1970's the Navajo tribe were moving further on to the Hopi land, it got to the point where the Hopi's then took the issue to the US government who then established "district 6" which clearly divided Hopi land from Navajo land. Land disputes then calmed down but you can imagine that the Navajo tribe were not very happy.

The website of the Hopi tribe is nothing to be desired, it is very simple and does not contain much information. There is information on tribal services, the tribal government and a link to the tribes newspaper. There is limited information of the history of the tribe and what the tribe is like now. It gives only the titles of the tribal services and does not go into detail as to what these services are and what they do. You could argue that those within the tribe do not need the website to tell them what these services do as they are already aware, but for outsiders, it may be useful for the website to give us more info so non tribe members can gain an understanding of how the tribe works. e most detailed area of the website is the page dedicated totte news and what is happening in the tribes lands and its surrounding areas.

I would not say that this websites is very effective, although perhaps it's simplicity is reflective of the simple lifestyle the tribe lead. 

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