Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Searchers- ending scene

After viewing the film 'The Searchers', a scene that stuck out to me was the ending, where Ethan is seen not entering the "family home" and then leaving as the door to the home closes. The song is also very suggestive as it sings "ride away, ride away, ride away". The perfect ending to a western movie, the main character saves the girl and brings her home.

What I find most interesting about this scene is how it leaves its interpretation up to the audience. It is not known for sure if Ethan rides away to somewhere different or allows some time for the girl to be welcomed home. But I think the way in which most people interpret the ending, is that Ethan feels he does not belong in the family home. Throughout the film, he causes problems for the typical family life, separating the potential lovers (Martin and Laurie), having a connection with his brothers wife Martha, and seeming to cause disruption and stress whenever he arrived in a situation.

By the end of the film, he has realised he does not belong in this family and must move on as not to cause more suffering and trouble. I thought that this scene reinforced some myths of the American West. Constant motion played a big part in the development of the west and men like Ethan, unsettled and looking for a home, helped the progression of the west and potentially drew more people into this fast and exciting lifestyle. It also shows how difficult and lonely this lifestyle could be. Many made the decision to travel westward alone, they may have had no family or wanted to make money to settle and find family out in the west. Ethan represents the difficulties of life in the west through his loneliness and constant need for movement, as shown through the ending of the film. But he also shows the freedom many could possess through living this difficult but exciting life.

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