Tuesday, 15 March 2016

A Good Black Man Incorporated

A Good Black Man

Their mission:

"A Good Black Man, Incorporated is a non-profit organization whose ongoing mission is to enhance the life options for African American males and to provide a global forum to dispel the myths that demonize them. The three-fold vision of the members and volunteer board of directors of A Good Black Man, Inc is empowerment, education and community service. We seek to contribute to the empowerment of African American males through our annual Legacy of Excellence Initiatives.

We work towards the enrichment of African American male youth (specifically, those between the ages of 11-14 years) with educational initiatives designed to strengthening their self-confidence by replacing negative images with positive ones, thus helping to reverse the process of self-hatred. Through outreach and partnership with like-minded organizations, A Good Black Man, Inc. can fulfill its commitment to answering the call by assisting with servicing communities in need."

I came across this site by searching the for the best African American websites and this came up http://www.dcwatch.com/iilist/100best.htm. It listed a variety of different websites all under specific categories, such as culture and education. A Good Black Man caught my eye as I noticed it only focused on African American men and young boys. On viewing the website for the first time, I realised that it was possible to become a member of this online organisation as well as make donations and help support them to achieve their mission. 

It lists their Board of Directors and funnily enough the individual that set up this organisation was, in fact, a woman. Her name is Dr. Anne Browne and she firmly believes that the African American male youth are extremely overlooked and should be given more opportunities and attention to hopefully become better and successful citizens of America. She also created this movement as to promote black identity in young African American males as she feels this section of the African American community are not proud to be black. Going back to the lecture last week, Juliet made a point that stuck with me about African American men. She stated that throughout the years of slavery and prejudice enforced on the African American community, the men were badly effected as they were emasculated, and this carried on throughout the 20th century and effected many of the African American youth today. Dr Browne wishes these young men to be proud of their skin colour and heritage, not to be ashamed of it.

I would not go as far to say this website is of a separatist nature, but it does not promote assimilation into the white community. It promotes that all young African American males should accept and be proud of who they are and that they should be given a chance in society to succeed in education, business and in everyday life.

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