Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Crime and sin


There are many examples of crimes and sins committed in the Great Gatsby, some much worse than others. This novel contains sins throughout and the majority of the characters are without morals. Gatsby, Tom and Daisy are rich and can afford to live in a wealthy area, they have wonderful lifestyles and appear to have it all in terms of money, however not one of them is content and they all yearn for more money. This shows how the upper class in this novel are extremely greedy as they would be willing to make more profit no matter the risk, especially Gatsby. Lust is another sin that continues to appear in this story and Tom is an excellent example of this. Although he has a beautiful wife in Daisy, it appear that she is not good enough for him. Tom cheats on Daisy many times and on his way in to town he picks up Myrtle from the ‘Valley of Ashes’ between Long Island and New York so that they can continue their affair. Tom also has a temper and at times an uncontrollable wrath especially when he is with Gatsby, in chapter 2 Toms temper erupts when talking to Myrtle and he ends up breaking her nose. Envy is a major scene in this novel as it creates a lot of problems as the storyline develops, Gatsby is envious of Tom being with Daisy an as a result this creates a lot of jealousy. Eventually Daisy falls for Gatsby and they end up having an affair, this also highlights Gatsby’s lust and greed as he desires someone who is already with someone else.

Between the years 1920-1933 the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol was illegal in America, although there is a lot of drunkenness during the novel. Gatsby is said to have made enormous profit through bootlegging, this is an example of organised crime and across cities such as New York and Chicago there was violence as gangs would fight other rivals from power and influence so that more profit could be made. Again greed can be related to bootlegging as there is a risk of being put in jail but the desire to make money is to strong. An example of organised crime today is the Sinaloa Cartel, they have no regards for the law and their only aims are to make money and spread their influence. The Cartel today manufacture, transport and sell illegal substances such as cocaine and marijuana. They have transported drugs globally and are willing to take risks so that their sphere or power can expand.  

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