Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Latino Immigration

Latino Progresando is based in Chicago, it was established in 1998 and led by Luis Gutierrez, the son of Mexican immigrants. The website is a pro-immigration organisation and shows that it is a volunteer based team which helps reach out to thousands of families each year.
Their mission is to serve immigrants with legal services, ‘community education and engagement, and advocacy/organizing around policy that affects immigrants.’ By doing this, they hope to improve the quality of living for the Latino immigrants and help build a stable community. 
The website offers a variety of information. It provides a list of ‘Immigration Legal Services’ which they have developed in order to help immigrants, such as ‘Family Services’ and ‘Legal Education’. Although payment is required for these consultations and other legal advice, they lower prices making it affordable for immigrants. This being said, only immigrants with the money can get the services provided, which suggests that Latino Progresando does not cater to all immigrants.
The website also contains a particular section called ‘Mex Blog’, which has posts on a category of things, a few examples being business, education and immigration. Each section is a type of article which discusses the subject matter, from different people.
Overall the website is very effective. Aside from the money factor, the website it is clear that it is pro-immigration, and will continue to help immigrants for a long time.

As soon as you click on the link to the website, the opening page makes it very clear that VDARE is a website which is anti-immigration. Claiming they knew Donald Trump would run for president before he did, they make it evident that they support his campaign. 
Similar to Latino Progresando, VDARE also asks for donations, to help run the website. In addition to this people can subscribe to the VDARE website, however depending on the type of subscription package the price varies ranging from free to over $5000. This website seems very money oriented, unlike the pro-immigration website. In addition to this, VDARE does not provide any information on what they do or how they started. The lack of information could indicate that the creators wanted to remain anonymous. The reason behind this anonymity could be the realisation for the creators that the website is offensive and socially unacceptable, with its radical views and content.
Overall, this website seems more closed off and unwelcoming in a way, compared to Latino Progresando. With the lack of information, combined with the explicit content this website has a strong advocacy towards anti-immigration.

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