Tuesday, 15 March 2016


I have chosen the film 'Hairspray' to highlight African American segregation in modern film. Although this film is based one things that happened previously in the 60s, I think it still is a very important piece of media representing African Americans at the time.

This film, as well as including light comic relief, clearly highlights the difficulties the African American community faced in a way that is relatable to the modern day audience. It helps to illustrate  the struggles of segregation in both schools and television during the Civil Rights Movement and how many African Americans overcame these struggles.

Throughout the film we also see varying points of view towards African Americans, with many of the younger generation accepting and respecting the African American community. Perhaps the most racist character in the film in Penny's mother who despises Seaweed for having a romantic relationship with her daughter, she then goes to extreme lengths to prevent Pemny from seeing him. These actions were probably not uncommon for many of an older generation who believed black people should not go anywhere near their white children.

I think this film is a perfect portrayal of segregation in American during the 60s and what those partaking in the Civil Rights Movement were trying to achieve. I also think that it was important for this film tone released in 2007 as it shows a modern audience the struggles faced by African Americans.

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