Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Empire (2015- )
Empire, a drama TV series about the music industry and an African American man who makes it big. It may be seen as a show where African Americans have achieved the American Dream, in terms of money and fame, but underneath the wealth and celebrity status, it portrays this African American family in a stereotypical role which has been associated with the ‘Blacks’ by the ‘non-Black’ people for generations.

The show has millions of viewers, however by portraying the main cast as drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes etc. it dramatizes and demonstrates the harsher more dysfunctional side associated with African American life. Thus leaving others to view African Americans in a bad way and as a nuisance of society.

The show clearly highlights many stereotypical roles which are unfortunately associated with African Americans, rather than eliminating these stereotypes, the producers of the show use them as a tool to gain more viewers, rather than realising that the portrayal of African Americans in the show is discrediting.

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