Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Root

The Root is a website that provides a voice for African American influencers and represents different aspects of their culture, it also portrays opinions around contemporary issues such as police brutality and the shootings that are occurring. The Root is the ‘number one black news site’, there is also a newsletter that viewers interested in current affairs can sign up for. There is a variety of information available on this website ranging from the history of African Americans to political issues that surround America today. The Root does highlight that there are some inequalities in terms of race such as the shooting of unarmed teens but it also shows that there are issues surrounding class and gender. African American culture is being promoted through videos being posted of black musicians, there are also advertisements of certain programmes on television that relate to African American heritage.    

The Root is a website that assimilates the African American population with American society as it doesn’t just show issues with African Americans in the news, it shows diverse issues that are facing America. There are also political articles that represent the whole of America, this website does not separate itself from the whole of society. They are actually offering an internship to anyone interesting in becoming part of this website. However the majority of the articles do relate to African Americans only such as the history section. There are sections and stories that are about certain celebrities such as Kerry Washington which allows for a wider audience. The Root allows people to learn about African American culture and heritage and also educates people on the issues facing black America today. There are also contact details that allow for any individuals that are being affected by issues such as racism and encourages these people to make contact. It shows the problems that are facing not only black Americans but the whole country. 

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