Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Pro and anti websites dealing with contemporary US border issues

Pro- https://www.numbersusa.com/about

NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation work towards achieving lower immigration levels as to ensure that all Americans enjoy being a citizen and to keep numerical levels of immigration down. They state that the key factor in immigration policy is choosing the right number of authorised immigrants for future years. They do reinforce that they do not wish to put across a negative light on the already legal immigrants in the US. In fact, the entire website is not negative on immigrants at all.

Although they are a pro border control website, they do not come across as racist and they always state that they only want what is best for America and its citizens. They even state that they are 'pro-immigrant' and that all Americans should be treated equally, regardless of where they are born. The group believe there should be numerical limits on immigration but but that immigration should not be stopped. They wish to minimise illegal immigration and to encourage more visitors to feel welcome when coming to America.

Anti- https://www.splcenter.org/issues

This next website is a tad more general but is firmly against any form of bigotry and hatred towards ethnic minorities, such as immigrants. There is a section called immigrant justice which states that the company are working towards ensuring the safety of all immigrants and their children. They bring up some very controversial issues, such as how most immigrants will perform the most dangerous and low paid jobs in the US and that these immigrants need to be protected from the harshness of the country.

The website attacks politicians and other forms of media by stating that they do not help the image of the immigrants. They promote the belief that they are the cause for the nations financial and economic state, which is not true. The website and group work towards ensuring that all immigrants are respected and that their basic human rights are not exploited.

The website is not openly against stronger border control measures but does take into account how immigrants are victimised and exploited due to the attitude of many Americans towards them, many immigrants are considered second class citizens. The website takes into account that more and more legal and illegal immigrants will come into the country but that they should be treated with respect and be give chance to become full American citizens.

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