Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Pro and anti immigration

Pro Immigration Website
This website it outlining the arguments for immigration to the USA. It goes on to describe the benefits that immigrants would bring to the country, some of these include economic benefits as immigrants are willing to do the jobs Americans do not want to do and are prepared to do these jobs for low wages. Immigration also helps to bring cultural diversity, for example many of the well known and well loved food chains are foods from other countries and the American people would not have been introduced to these beloved brands had it not been for immigration.

The common argument against immigration is that immigrants are taking the jobs for Americans and many of the immigrants bring crime and fear to the country. This website tries to counter these arguments by discussing how immigrants do jobs that 'natives' won't do. The website also tries to read the stereotype that all immigrants are criminals, giving a a range of statistics helping to persuade the reader that crime rates from immigrants, especially those from Mexico and other Latino countries, are not as high as the American media implies.

Anti Immigration Website
This website is a striking contrast to that of the pro website. Whereas the pervious website gave facts and statistics for immigration, this one gives fact against it, such as Immigration has been outpacing job growth in the U.S. for decades and is a contributing factor to unemployment, wage erosion, and declining labor force participation. This is one of the main arguments for anti immigration and this website goes on to discuss many other arguments. 

Unlike the pro immigration website, this one has a page for visitors to donate and 'take action' against immigration highlighting how strongly many people feel about the issue of immigration. This site also uses very persuasive and thought provoking language to force the reader to think about whether immigration will be benefit the USA.

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